İstanbul Kultur University Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at İstanbul Kultur University took its place in the structure of the university in 1999 and initiated education activities in the same year. From its establishment until today, our faculty has aimed to provide a high level of modern legal education. In order to reach this goal, the Faculty of Law carries on its educational activities within the framework of the great leader Atatürk’s ideal of reaching a level of western civilization, in line with basic human rights, secularism, individual rights and freedoms, parliamentary democracy, freedom of thought and expression, social rights and the rule of law, which embraces all of these values.

A high-quality education in law does not only consist of teaching legislation. Beyond this pattern of education, the basis of education is to educate prospective young lawyers to avoid rote-learning, measure legal issues with the scales of logic and conscience, acquire the skill of modern interpretation, evaluate and balance adverse interests truthfully and pertinaciously, prioritize human rights, and protect the state of law.

Since its foundation, the Faculty of Law has been organizing academic symposiums, colloquiums and other meetings at various levels both nationally and internationally, and it has been providing international education opportunities to students through the Summer Academy event and the Erasmus/Socrates exchange program, a European Union Project, since 2004. Our faculty, which brought an end to the obligatory preparatory class, organizes courses not only for English, but also for other foreign languages. For example, German and Austrian instructors in our faculty have been organizing German language courses for the last two years. The foreign language teaching program of our faculty will be enriched and continued.

Legal professionals who have become judges, prosecutors and lawyers are continuing their undergraduate education at the Faculty of Law at İstanbul Kultur University, which successfully applies the postgraduate programs of Master and Doctor of Law.